Sports & Entertainment Marketing


Certus Advisors helps brands develop sports and entertainment marketing programmes to establish personal connections with consumers and communicate a unique value proposition. We assist clients to define marketing goals and objectives that are in line with corporate objectives, segment and select target markets, formulate sports and entertainment marketing strategy, assess compatibility between brand and sport & entertainment properties, develop and implement a marketing plan and track results through relevant metrics. We work closely with clients to build a sustainable advantage through brand loyalty via effective sports and entertainment marketing programmes. 

Sports & Entertainment Property Development


Certus Advisors assists sports and entertainment property owners to capitalize on growth opportunities in Asia. We analyze and identify opportunities, evaluate and segment target markets, assess resources and capabilities, formulate marketing strategy, and track results through relevant metrics. We provide clients with a realistic plan and a specific roadmap for implementation to help clients realize their vision. Utilizing a network of experienced professionals and specialist firms, we are able to provide a wide range of services in market research, sponsorship, event management, public relations, intellectual property management, media production, and content distribution.